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Still sleeping...

Embark on
a dreamy journey
with me...


Discover the mindfully designed and thoughtfully handcrafted products that celebrate a life of dreams and possibilities, of wholeheartedness and love, of joy and beauty.

Because nice things make a brighter day. And we all need that.






Agu is a heart bear that lives in the Magic forest with his friends. Olaf is the sporty rabbit and Lala, the awesome fox is his best friend. Her secret admirer is Arno, the tough raccoon, who likes Olaf, but wishes he wouldn't spend so much time with Lala. Agu loves them all. He's the heart and soul of the forest. He likes to listen because trusting words warm up his heart. And he tells the best stories.

Pssst.... he also loves honey, although he'll never admit it.


A word
about me

A dreamy bird that wants to fly closer to the sun

I'm not exactly an early bird, but even when I try to be, the days just seem not to have enough hours to create everything that bursts in my mind.

Sometimes this makes me frustrated, and then I sleep a little longer. But usually I just surf my life one day at a time, trying to bring something honest, warm and comforting to the world, embracing imperfections and dancing with fears. Every day I am seeking out to fly closer to the sun, in search of new adventures, exploring the world with an open and fearless heart.

This is my shop, a collection of my most cherished projects that I want to share with you. They are my heart and soul, an expression of my passions, values, and beliefs.

I'm excited to have you on this dreamy journey with me.